Magabook ADG Laus, two magazines with two saddle-stitched spines for the 50th edition of the ADG Laus Awards

For the fourth year in a row, we have collaborated with the printing of the book – magazine of the ADG Laus Awards of ADG-FAD. Recognition for excellence in the graphic arts sector and, in particular, for the work of designers.

Magazine – book with two spines stitched

The Magabook ADG Laus 2020, designed and conceptualized by Studio Albert Romagosa in Barcelona, ​​was a challenge not only in technical terms but also conceptually. Two magazines with two saddle-stitched spines and numerous pages to achieve a ductile magazine, but with strength in the finish.

This year, the papers selected by the designer, distributed by Unión Papelera, were of a lower weight. So, inside we worked with a recycled offset, specifically the Nautilus Classic of 80 grs. and IQ Color Salmon de 80 grs. from Mondi and, on the cover, the coated paper Magno Satin of 250 grs. from Sappi.

Printed in conventional offset with an 8-color machine plus varnish, but we only applied the varnish to the cover. Specific color management has been applied for offset paper printing. As for the binding, the saddle has been chosen through a quasi-artisanal process due to the complexity of the element and its format, with two spines.

The previous work of making models was especially important in this project to approve, together with the graphic study, the papers, weights, the staple binding, etc. To ensure a careful impression of the idea and concept to be conveyed, the designer was also present at the workshop during the print run.

The result is a must-read book for any designer, designed to appreciate the effort and work, value beauty, and give prestige to the graphic industry.

(video in Spanish)

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