Scorched Earth

Pennsylvania State University

On the occasion of the ‘Oslo Architecture Triennale, 2019′, this study was published, which focuses on the expansion and subsequent decline of a mining area in the United States of America, called ‘Centralia’.

Specifically the mineral being mined was anthracite (a highly energetic form of ‘normal’ coal). The study, which includes topographical material, text and photographs from the period, details how mining was the main reason for the growth and, at the same time, subsequent decline of this area of the country.


Japanese milled book.

HP Indigo printing.

22,8 x 31,0 cm

Japanese milled book with flaps



Materica Clay of 360 grs. (Fedrigoni Papers) printed in 4 + 0 and white ink

Fedrigoni’s Materica range of papers is characterized by its inspiration in nature (sea, sky, minerals and plants). A seductive paper that stimulates the sense of touch thanks to its texture.

Made with cotton, recycled fibers and pure cellulose fibers. A natural and environmentally friendly paper that has the FSC certificate.



Munken Lynx of 100 grs. (Arctic Paper) printed in 4 + 4

Munken Lynx is a white uncoated paper with a smooth surface that allows for pure and authentic images with a natural touch that brings exclusivity.

Japanese milled book, HP Indigo