Lo Siento Studio

Serenity is an urban project located in the center of the city of Douala, a booming Cameroonian city. Simple shapes redefine the pleasures of a luxury home that offers residents a breathtaking view of a pristine and indomitable country.


The book, designed by Lo Siento Studio and published in two languages, features hardcover swiss binding with fabric on the spine. On the cover, blank hot foil and a debossing with the insertion of an adhesive sheet. Inside the pages are bound in PUR with Japanese-style folds.


The piece culminates with a case, lined with white hot foil and debossing, closed by magnets. Inner nest for the placement of the book and extractor ribbon.

HP Indigo

Hardcover swiss binding
Inner bounded with Japanese folds, routing and fabric on the spine

White hot foil on the cover
Debossing on the cover with insertion of an adhesive sheet
White hot foil on the case
Debossing on the case
Magnet closure
Inner nest
Extractor ribbon



Black Wibalin Madera (Winter & Company) and 2 mm gray cardboard.


Wibalin is a FSC certified resistant material and produced according to ISO14001 certification.



Black Geltex with 2 mm gray pasted cardboard


Gelex is a paper with high wear resistance with a special anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint treatment. Perfect for bookbinding and cardboard.



Pergraphica Natural Smooth (Mondi Group)


Pergraphica Natural Smooth is a top quality uncoated paper designed to bring an extraordinary look & feel of printed materials.



Sirio Black (Fedrigoni Papers)


Sirio is a collection of colored uncoated papers with a smooth surface.