Sustainable stationery

Tacto Studio

Tacto Studio offers functional, sustainable, minimalist and handcrafted stationery products.

Inspired by simplicity, authenticity and tradition; the goal was to offer products made from alternative and innovative materials with the least negative impact on the planet. It is for this reason that the use of corn waste and seaweed paper was decided.

HP Indigo

Sewing with open stitching
Stitched with Singer thread



Cardstock Crush Corn of 250 g. (Favini)


Crush is a range of organic Favini papers, made by replacing 15% virgin tree pulp with waste from the process of organic products. In this particular case with corn. These natural raw materials add a distinctive finish to the paper.



Shiro Echo White of 120 g. (Favini)


Shiro Echo is a rough-finish paper made from 100% recycled paper and is ideal for sustainable printing and eco-friendly packaging.